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The Money Programme Friday, 11 February, 2000, 14:56 GMT
Linux factsheet

Microsoft Windows 2000
Users of Microsoft may be interested to know that Windows 2000 is due to be launched on February 17 2000. More information on Windows can be accessed at

Linux Factsheet

This factsheet provides a general guide to Internet sites providing information on the Linux operating system and other Linux related material. The BBC have no control over the content or availability of the websites, nor are they endorsing or recommending any of the material available, whether it be freely obtained or purchased commercially.

Linux Websites
This is a main Linux site which answers questions such as: Where can I get Linux? Will Linux run on my computer? How do I install Linux? Also has Linux in Business Solutions.
Another major Linux site.
A useful UK focussed general Linux site.
VA Linux Systems, which sell computers and support services has recently taken over Andover.Net, a site dedicated to Linux information.
This is a large site for Linux software, from role games to utilities, card games and internet Linux software.
Anybody who wants updates on new programs for Linux / Unix should find them on this site.
KDE is a powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations. It makes it very easy for a user to switch from Windows to Linux..
Scientific Applications for Linux.
Star Office software download and other Linux information.
Links of interest to the Linux community.
Red Hat shares all of its software innovations freely under the GNU General Public License.
A variant of Red Hat called Mandrake that is easy to install and maintain.
Information on Linux as in it being a server OS rather than a desktop OS.
A Linux news site that prints just about everything that is being written about Linux.
Another Linux news site
Downloads, news and other Linux information
News, criticisms, answers and other Linux topics.
A technical news site with information on computer applications
Commercial site - software, CDs.
Corel/Linux information.
General business applications.

This is the only distribution of Linux that is developed and supported in the UK.
A new Internet Service Provider aimed specifically at Linux users.
An organisation of end users who are working on how to achieve systems that enable e-commerce.

Books on Linux

The following is a short selection of books dealing with Linux. Further information on these and other books on the subject can be accessed at:

Introduction to Linux; A Collection of Linux "How-Tos": By toExcel. Excel Paperback Provides general introductory information on finding, using, and installing the Linux operating system.

Building a Linux Internet Server: By George Eckel, Chris Hare: This book explores issues for users to consider when building LINUX Internet servers. It outlines costs, benefits, and the pros and cons of the various types of servers that can be built.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Linux: By Manuel Alberto Ricart: This book covers: preparing to install the system, using shells and online documentation, X Windows graphical interface, networking and Internet, administration, configuring Linux for multimedia, a guide to available software and tools

How to Use Linux: By Bill Ball, aims to show people that Linux is a viable alternative operating system for home and office computers.

Learning Debian GNU/Linux: By Bill McCarty: provides an introductory-level explanation of installing and using Linux and the GNU tools, focusing on the Debian 2.1 distribution. Comes with a bootable CD-ROM that contains Debian 2.1.

Linux - Uleashing the Workstation in Your PC: By S Strobel, V Ellis. A detailed guide to Linux installation, configuration, administration, and networking

Linux : A Network Solution for Your Office: By Viktor Toth. Linux as a Business OS is a step-by-step tutorial on installing and maintaining an Internet solution, including a corporate mail server andWeb Server. Topics include: Set up and Installation, Connecting to the Internet, Basic services-mail and news, Setting up a Web server, Security, Advanced networking, Managing the system--accounts, logs, backups, configuring workstations, and Troubleshooting.

Linux : I Didn't Know You Could Do That! (Internet): By Nicholas Wells. A tips and tricks book

Linux for Dummies 1st Edition: By Craig Witherspoon, Coletta Witherspoon, Jon Hall: this book is geared to casual users who want to install Linux on a personal machine

Linux : The Complete Reference: By Richard Petersen, has been revised to address important changes to Linux, including growth in the number of desktops and windows managers, new X-windows chapters, and new programming tools. The CD-ROM features a full version of OpenLinux Lite by Caldera.

Linux Volume 1: AC-ZCAT: By Dale Scheetz, is designed to appeal to both new and power users of Linux. The first part of the book features tutorials explaining common utilities found in Linux. The second part is the Lexicon and comprises several articles that define and discuss Linux concepts.

Linux Administration for Dummies: By Michael Bellomo, Up-to-date coverage of new LINUX network features.

Linux at Work : Building Strategic Applications for Business: By Marcus Goncalves. He describes business solutions that make strategic use of Linux.

Linux Firewalls: By Robert Ziegler: This book details security steps that a small non-enterprise business user might take to protect themselves. These steps include packet-level firewall filtering, IP masquerading, proxies, tcp wrappers, system integrity checking, and system security monitoring with an overall emphasis on filtering and protection

Linux in a Nutshell 2nd Edition: By Ellen Siever. This reference covers the core commands available on common Linux distributions. It contains all user, programming, administration, and networking commands with options, and also documents a wide range of GNU tools

Linux Install and Configuration Little Black Book: By Dee-Ann Leblanc, Isaac Hajime-Yates. Details the HOW-TOs of partitioning hard drives, creating user accounts, working with file systems, compiling the kernel, configuring a LAN, working with the internet and Perl, and monitoring security issues. Includes a tear-out card full of key commands and shortcuts

Linux Web Server Toolkit: By Nicholas D Wells: This kit provides Linux-compatible Web tools and outlines how to implement them to create a secure and stable Web server on a Linux network. The book includes day-to-day Web server administration-plus all the software on the CD-ROM

Maximum Linux Security : Secure Server Kit : A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Linux Server and Workstation: By anonymous, Sams Paperback, provides a comprehensive picture of Linux's strengths and weaknesses when it comes to protecting your systems.

Linux: Networking for Your Office: By Roderick W. Smith: provides information to set up a Linux server in a small office environment, or as a subnetwork off a larger organization's network.

Maximum RPM: By Ed Bailey: The complete reference for the RPM software package that is the heart of the Red Hat Linux distribution. Designed for both the novice and advanced users.

Special Edition Using Linux, 5th Edition: By Steven Burnett and others. This book features three of the top Linux distributions-Caldera, Red Hat, and Debian--but also teaches Linux independent of its included distributions The Best of Linux Distributions: By Matt Welsh, includes a general introduction to Linux; detailed explanations of drive partitioning, filesystems, software package installation and distribution-specific instructions for installing Debian GNU/Linux, Slackware, Caldera OpenLinux, and Red Hat Linux.

Linux, 2nd Edition: Installation, Configuration and Use: By Michael Kofler: The second edition of Linux: Installation, Configuration, and Use covers the Red Hat 6, Debian GNU/Linux 2.1, and SuSE 6.1 distributions of the Linux Kernel 2.2. Linux has changed significantly in the last two years, especially in the area of installation

The Concise Guide To Xfree86 for Linux: By Aron Hsiao: gives you the information you need to understand, configure and administer Xfree86 (also referred to as "X")

The No B.S. Guide to Red Hat Linux: By Bob Rankin, is designed for people who want to learn how to install and run Linux without getting bogged down in too much detail.

Upgrading and Repairing PCs Linux Edition: By The Linux General Store, Scott Mueller and Joe DeVita: This publication addresses Linux-specific hardware issues that do not arise with Windows or DOS. Based on Upgrading and Repairing PCs, 11th Edition, this book covers Linux information such as system requirements, installation and setup, drive partitioning, kernel parameters, memory, and compatibility between Linux and components and components with each other.

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