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Wednesday, March 24, 1999 Published at 14:27 GMT

The BBC covers the euro

What does the future hold for Europe under the new currency? BBC correspondents have been getting the answers to some difficult questions.
New reports will be added to this page as they are broadcast.

Can Ireland cope with the euro?
While Oskar Lafontaine has been arguing for lower rates to aid the German economy, Ireland's economy is in danger of overheating, as Paul Charles reports.
17 March 1999 - Today programme

Germany feels the strain
Jonathan Charles reports that the strain of running the continent as a single economy is beginning to show.
4 March 1999 - BBC News 24

Blair puts Britain on the launchpad
Robin Oakley reports on the launch of Britain's national changeover plan.
24 February 1999 - BBC News

The cost of change
Peter Morgan reports on the immense challenges and costs facing British business in order to get ready for the euro.
23 February 1999 - BBC News

Britain gets ready
As the British government launches its draft changeover plan for euro membership, Patrick Bartlett reports on how British businesses will cope.
22 February 1999 - BBC Breakfast News

Copenhagen comes around
The Danes have long been sceptical about Europe, remaining outside the first wave of the single currency. But as Peter Morgan reports, they are now having a change of heart over the euro.
12 February 1999 - BBC News

The pro euro push
Jo Anne Nadler meets the businessmen who are pressing Britain's case for joining the new currency.
7 February 1999 - BBC On The Record

Reaching the parts of Europe that other currencies don't reach.
The euro is reaching Ireland's remotest corners, including its smallest islands. Leo Enright reports.
7 January 1999 - BBC News

No to 'euro Titanic'
British Conservative Party leader William Hague says euro membership is not inevitable for the UK.
7 January 1999 - Today programme

Weak link in the euro chain?
Can Italy maintain the necessary financial discipline required by the stability pact? Orla Guerin reports.
5 January 1999 - Today programme

On the sidelines again?
Newsnight looks back at the day of the launch and asks how Britain should respond.
4 January 1999 - Newsnight

We have lift off
Jonathan Charles reports on a very smooth launch for the euro.
4 January 1999 - BBC News

Cooperate to succeed
Jonathan Charles reports from the Franco-German border on a groundbreaking joint administration project that has implications for the new currency.
4 January 1999 - Today programme

A giant leap forward
Jonathan Charles on the day the euro was born.
1 January 1999 - BBC News

An irreversible step
David Shukman reports on E Day.
1 January 1999 - BBC News

Euro New Year
David Eades on the busiest ever New Year's Eve for Europe's bankers.
31 December 1998 - BBC News

An historic day
David Shukman reports on the final day before the euro launch.
31 December 1998 - BBC News

France gets euro-ready
June Kelly reports on how the French are preparing themselves for the brave new world of monetary union.
30 December 1998 - BBC News

German euro worries
Jonathan Charles reports how Germans look forward to - and sometimes dread - Europe's single currency.
29 December 1998 - Today programme

Danish rethink
Denmark's voters rejected monetary union in a referendum, but as David Shukman reports now that EMU is becoming reality they are reconsidering their position.
28 December 1998 - Today programme

German deflation pressure on ECB
Jonathan Charles reports on fears of deflation in Germany and the European Central Bank's response.
22 December 1998 - BBC News

Codename Euroland
Our man in Frankfurt Steve Levinson goes undercover behind the euro curtain to investigate the hidden powers of the European Central Bank.
13 December 1998 - The Money Programme

Euro who?
Nils Blythe finds out how little we know about the euro and lets us in on a few details about how it will work.
13 December 1998 - The Money Programme

Ready or not?
Julie Etchingham looks at the impact of the euro on the UK's small and medium-sized exporters.
11 December 1998 - BBC Breakfast News

Euro Superstate?
Angus Roxburgh asks whether the launch of the single currency will lead inevitably to a European superstate.
10 December 1998 - BBC News

Britons in Euroland
Peter Morgan finds out what the euro will mean for Britons travelling in the eurozone.
9 December 1998 - BBC News

Two ways to pay
Between January 1999 and 2002, citizens in the eurozone will have 'dual pricing' to get them used to paying in euros. Jonathan Charles investigates.
8 December 1998 - BBC News

The euro, the City and UK business
Peter Morgan looks at the impact the euro will have on UK business, even though we are not yet part of it.
7 December 1998 - BBC News

Balancing inflation and jobs
Jonathan Charles reports from Germany on the battle that faces the European Central Bank.
22 November 1998 - The Money Programme

Germany and EMU
Jonathan Charles reports on the effect loss of control over interest rates will have on the German economy.
19 November 1998 - BBC News

Euro vs dollar
Evan Davies asks whether the euro could supplant the dollar as the world's principle currency.
18 May 1998 - Newsnight

Eleven become one
Jonathan Charles reports on what will happen when eleven economies unite.
26 April 1998 - The Money Programme

'All Change'
Evan Davies on the imminent demise of the bureaux de change.
24 April 1998 - Newsnight

'The Price Is Wrong'
Evan Davies looks at the effect of a single currency on prices across Europe.
23 April 1998 - Newsnight

'Dirty Cash'
Evan Davies examines what such a large single currency area will mean for money launderers.
22 April 1998 - Newsnight

James Robbins reports on the signing of the Maastricht Treaty.
7 February 1992 - BBC News

BBC journalists and correspondents will report in-depth on the euro's impact both inside and outside the eurozone. As their reports are broadcast, they will be added to this page.

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