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Friday, June 19, 1998 Published at 10:41 GMT 11:41 UK

Events: The Dome Zone: Index on the Millennium

Roll up, for a job at the dome

Organisers at the Millennium Dome are auditioning for circus performers to star in a major show.

Chilling consequences of millennium bug

The Audit Commission delivers the bleakest warning yet of the consequences of the millennium bug.

Millennium Bug could cripple governments and health services

Business leaders and academics fear western governments are under-prepared for the Millennium Bug. One campaigner says it is "the same magnitude as a war."

Tube expansion 'will be completed by Millennium'
The Deputy Prime Minister has restated the government's committment to see the expansion of the London Underground completed in time for the Millennium celebrations. Millennium bug 'priority for health trusts'
The NHS is putting the problem of the millennium bug at the top of its priority list, a minister says. 400-year-old device hit by millennium bug
An instrument used to chart the position of the sun may be the oldest piece of equipment affected by the year 2000 problem. Millennium timebomb warning to public services
Public sector industries are lagging behind in the fight to beat the Millennium bug, say experts. No stopping Mormons' millennium momentum
The Mormons are one of the fastest growing religious groups in the world and their numbers in Britain have climbed from 6,000 in the 1950s to 181,000 today. But what is the secret of their success ? Millennium bug 'needs common approach'
Computer experts from across Europe meeting in London to discuss the year 2000 computer problem have been encouraged to share information. Millennium bug busters hold council of war
Computer experts from across Europe are gathering in London on Friday for a European summit on the millennium bug. 'Millennium bug' threat to health
More than a third of NHS trusts, hospitals and doctors' surgeries have not invested any money in tackling the millennium computer bug, according to a survey. Engineers to take pounding until millennium
The continuing high value of the pound is set to have a significant impact on the engineering industry until the millennium, a new report warns. Seeking Millennium Man
He is fashionable without being effeminate, sensitive but strong. He appreciates the finer things in life. Beer drinking - yes, beer-swilling - no. But will he be there in person at the GQ Show in London this weekend? Sun shines on the Dome
Led by its new correspondent, Mandy Millennium, Britain's best-read newspaper is leading the campaign to overturn public distaste for the 750m Millennium Dome. Panorama - Dome!
Who's in charge of what goes into the most controversial building in the country - the Millenium Dome? The Dome's architect told the BBC's Panorama : No-one yet. Blair says 'no place like Dome'
Prime Minister Tony Blair calls for Britain to unite behind the Millennium Dome project and says it promises to be "the most fantastic day out in the world". 'Wonder' Dome revealed
The lid on what will be inside the Millennium Dome is partly lifted. A centrepiece will be a giant human body and baby. Dome's big top lifted for show of the century
The Prime Minister Tony Blair is revealing the contents of the controversial Millennium Dome amidst continued criticism over the project Dome gets jeers as well as cheers
Politicians give a mixed reaction to the Dome's unveiling and express fears that it could be used as a re-election launch-pad for the government. Battle of the Dome continues
The public row between so-called Dome Minister Peter Mandelson and its former creative director Stephen Bayley erupts again. Greenwich expecting Baby Dome
Peter Mandelson is planning a Baby Dome outside the main Millennium Dome - but not every one is happy with the idea. Dome designer to head 'brown field' committee
Richard Rogers, Dome architect and advocate of urban renewal, will head a committee to boost development on urban sites. Mandelson: BT committed to the Dome
'Millennium Dome secretary' Peter Mandelson has been reassuring MPs that one of the project's main sponsors is not about to pull out. Meanwhile, the names of the Dome's 11-strong Creative Review Group have been announced. Dome designer quits
The man behind deciding what should go inside the Millennium Dome has resigned, it has emerged. Millennium Dome 'waste of money'
A new survey suggests that the public thinks cancelling Third World debt is more important than spending money on the Millennium Dome. Mandelson and Heseltine defend Dome
Peter Mandelson has been backed by Michael Heseltine in the House of Commons as he defended the Millenium Dome in the face of Conservative criticism. Mandelson denies secrecy over dome
The minister in charge of the controversial millennium project in London denies sitting on financial information. Questions to the 'Dome Secretary' doubled
MPs will be given twice as much Commons time to question Peter Mandelson, the minister responsible for the Millennium Dome project. Dome bosses 'like dictators'
The former creative director of the Millennium Dome has accused Peter Mandelson of political interference in the project. Religious controversy over Millennium Dome
The Government has given assurances that Christianity will be central to the Millennium Dome - raising fears amongst other faiths that they could be left out. Hirst and Hockney in talks over Millennium Dome
Two of Britian's most famous artists may contribute works to the Millennium Dome exhibition in Greenwich, London.

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