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Saturday, August 15, 1998 Published at 22:05 GMT 23:05 UK

The Omagh Bombing - Your Reaction

The devastation in the town centre

This is some of the reaction of visitors to BBC News Online to the Omagh bombing on Saturday afternoon. Tell us what you think. Click here to email us. Please tell us your name and the country from which you are accessing BBC News Online.

I live in the beautiful town of Omagh and have done for 47 years. Why have we been singled out to receive such a malicious and cowardly act? This is the saddest place on the planet tonight. Why? What cause justifies the taking of a life never mind the number taken in this town? I know that friends of mine have been killed and mutilated. I feel helpless, guilty and angry. I will pray for everyone involved.

Joe Cummings. A psychiatric Nurse.

I now live in Aberdeen and I lived in NI for 20 years...I have seen a lot of hurt in people on both sides of the community and I think that the 'Agreement' means nothing as long as this sort of thing keeps happening. Anyone who thinks there is ever going to be peace in NI is, I am sorry to say, sadly mistaken. As long as there are convicted terrorists doing the negotiating, there may as well be outright war! These people are not in it for the sake of other human beings, do people really think that ex-terrorist are reformed enough to want what is right for the country and not for there 'cause'? Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion.

Roger Clark

This latest bombing is an outrage! It saddens me when innocent people lose lives and property to terrorists who are only interested in hurting people. Groups using violence to upset the peace process must be cracked down on, however. This must be done while maintaining civil rights. The days of using violence to further anyone's political goals in Northern Ireland must come to an end. It is time for everyone to use the ballot box instead of bombs and bullets. Furthermore, events like this must emphasise how important it is for decommissioning to start soon. All paramilitaries involved in the process have to start handing over their arms. Greater efforts must be made to bring outside groups into this process. My sympathies are with the innocent victims.

Brian Jones. Toronto, Canada

There are people in Ireland who know who these bombers are. They are fathers, mothers, uncles, or friends. Perhaps they may like to take a close look at the carnage that prevails today. What have they achieved today? The have made parents into childless couples, they have made children into orphans. They have rooted bitterness in these people for years to come. If Ireland is to ever become a civil and peaceful country these people must be rounded up, put in jail, and never released. This must end.

Rob Guyatt. Croydon, UK.

I am in tears.

Carol Pearson

Having just left N.I to marry in the USA I would like to thank the BBC for their comprehensive and sensitive coverage of this tragic event through their website. Its not a time to wonder at technology, but your application of it which allows me to watch the news and live reports has allowed me to feel close to my people. My reaction to the event is anger and sadness. May the people responsible for this rot in guilt and shame. My love goes out to those who have lost friends and family. I think of my own family living in a similar market town and how it could so easily have been me mourning today. Best regards Keith Hunniford

Keith Hunniford

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