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Thursday, April 27, 2000 Published at 22:03 GMT

Opening the ivory trade
In a previous programme, we asked whether the decision to lift the ban on ivory trading is good for elephants and good for Africa.
Meet the presenters
Robin Lustig and Sandy Walsh host the weekly phone-in, bringing you a wealth of international experience.
Are we failing our children?
As we approach the next millennium, are we still failing to protect our children against exploitation, armed conflict, illiteracy and poverty? Read, watch or listen to our debate and tell us what you think.
Fall of communism: A new era?
Ten years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, we want to know what the end of communism in Eastern Europe has meant for you. Was it really a triumph of people's power? Have the expectations of 10 years ago been realised?
Are monarchies relevant in the 21st Century?
Is there a place for crowned heads in the 21st century? Do you wish your country had a monarch, or if it does, do you wish it hadn't?
Internet@30: How is it for you?
Thirty years after the internet began do you believe it has created an information revolution or has it provided more problems than it's solved?
Pakistan: What next?
Join our live debate to discuss the events in Pakistan. Can a military coup ever be justified over democracy? What do other countries have to learn from this experience?
Nuclear safety - join the debate
In the light of recent leaks at nuclear plants in Japan and South Korea, we have hosted a live debate on BBC World Service Radio and BBC News Online to discuss concerns over nuclear safety.
50 years of the People's Republic
As the People's Republic of China celebrates 50 years of communist rule, we want to hear your experiences and views of China. Is China emerging as a superpower of the future?
Should holidays be a human right?
Is leisure time important to our well-being or is it a luxury that can in itself sometimes cause stress?