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Monday, March 15, 1999 Published at 13:19 GMT

Your tributes to King Hussein
On the day that King Hussein of Jordan died, e-mails and phone-calls from around the world flooded in to pay tribute and discuss the regional impact. (7th february 99)
Is corruption ruining sport?
With the Olympic Movement embroiled in scandal, we asked whether money and drugs are spoiling sport. (31 Jan 98)
Has art gone stale?
London goes mad over Monet - but why such hype about 19th century art revolutionaries? Have today's artists just run out of ideas? (24 Jan 99)
Images of Islam
The Western media is full of terms like jihad, fundamentalist, and fatwa. Why is there such distrust between the West and the Islamic world? (17 Jan 99)
Colonialism by TV
Freedom of information or cultural imperialism? Newstalk asks for your views on the abundance of Western satellite television stations.10 Jan 99
Clinton: A nation's humiliation?
Newstalk asks how the upcoming impeachment trial of President Clinton has affected your views of the most world's most powerful nation. (3 Jan 1999)
Should genetic engineering be stopped?
Prince Charles says it takes man into the realms of God - but others say it's essential for human progress.(14 June 98)
Do we take football too seriously?
It's not a matter of life or death - it's much more important, said a famous football manager : What do you think? (7 June 98)
Is it ever enough to say you're sorry?
Japanese Emperor Akihito faces calls from British prisoners of war to apologise for WWII, but can apologies really make a difference? (31 May 98)
Indonesia on the brink
President Suharto is forced to resign after weeks of demonstrations and rioting - we ask what you think will happen next.
(24 May 98)
India's nuclear tests: cause for concern?
A lively discussion on whether world outrage at India's surprise underground tests is justified.(17 May 98)
Sudan - should we do more?
As horrifying images of suffering caused by famine are again making headline news, aid agencies call for action. (10 May 98)

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