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Barbara Cassani

Barbara Cassani
Among the commercial victims of the awful events of September 11th have been airlines. Swissair and Sabena have both gone bust, BA has shed masses of jobs. But cheap and cheerful airlines seem to go from strength to strength.

Jeremy Vine spoke to Barbara Cassani, boss of Go, about being one of the few women at the top in British business

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Sharron Storer

Sharron Storer
Sharon Storer metaphorically swung for Tony Blair over the state of the health service when he was visiting the hospital in which her partner was being treated in Birmingham.

Jeremy Paxman went to meet Sharron Storer.

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Jonathan Franzen

Jonathan Franzen
A few years ago Jonathan Franzen claimed television had killed off the serious novel. He then disappeared before re-emerging recently with his book, "The Corrections".

It is top of the best seller lists, expected to win the Pulitzer, and has already picked up America's other big prize, the National Book Award.

But, in an irony its author should appreciate, much of his notoriety stems from a row with the most powerful woman in US television: Oprah Winfrey.

Franzen was accused of snobbery, and his invite to be on her book club show was withdrawn, after he said he was worried about mixing 'high art' and middlebrow entertainment.

Kirsty Wark met him in Santa Cruz.

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Ibrahim Helal

Ibrahim Helal
The objective of the American campaign in Afghanistan, has still not been realised: Osama bin Laden is still at large.

If he stays at large, it's a fair bet that if he pops up anywhere, he'll pop up on his television station of choice, Al Jazeera.

This hitherto obscure outfit, based in the Gulf State of Qatar, was tagged 'Taleban TV' by some Americans, when it ran tapes of bin Laden.

Jeremy Paxman spoke to Al Jazeera's Editor in Chief.

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Alison Hoglan

There is no question of what has been the most momentous news event of this year, indeed, of the last many years.

The catastrophe of September 11th revealed the awful vulnerability of civil societies to ruthless fanatics.

It could have been even worse, had not a group of passengers on United Airlines flight 93 decided to fight back, and thereby become national heroes in America.

One of them was Mark Bingham, who sat near the front of the plane.

Kirsty Wark went to speak to his mother.

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