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Wednesday, May 26, 1999 Published at 12:54 GMT 13:54 UK

Scottish Socialist Party

The Scottish Socialist Party is standing a full list of candidates in Scotland. The party won its first parliamentary seat at the Scottish elections on 6 May, when Tommy Sheridan was elected MSP for the Glasgow region.

The party's Euro-candidates list is headed by Hugh Kerr MEP, who was elected to the European Parliament as a Labour MEP but was expelled from the party last year after publicly disagreeing with government policy.

The Scottish Socialist Party

Manifesto: "Scotland and Europe for the millions, not the millionaires."

"Our vision of a socialist Europe involves socialist economic and political union including a European single currency. It will be a Europe in which a sovereign Scotland will willingly share some of its hard won sovereignty with democratic political institutions at the centre of Europe."

The SSP will oppose:

  • "Any and every proposal which acts against the interests of the working class."
  • All EU legislation restricting state subsidies and nationalisation of industries as we are for a complete reversal of the privatisation programmes of recent years.

    The SSP proposes:

  • Policies to achieve full employment across Europe.
  • A shorter working week across Europe and job-sharing, with no loss of pay.
  • Increased public spending across Europe, funded by a Wealth Tax.
  • A minimum wage across the EU set at the European Decency Threshold level of 7 an hour.

    The environment

    The SSP proposes:

  • A five-year moratorium on production and sale of genetically-modified foods.
  • Democratically elected bodies at local, national and European level to enforce environmental protection.
  • All toxic waste dumps to be made safe.
  • Business and government agencies to be forced to clean up demolition sites and polluted land.
  • New pollution controls on big business.
  • A ban on the dumping of nuclear fuels, chemical pollutants, explosives and armaments "on our land or in our waters".

    'Democratic rights for all'

    The SSP proposes:

  • A strengthened European Social Chapter.
  • More powers for the European Parliament and greater democratic control over the European Commission and Council of Ministers.


    The SSP proposes:

  • Abolition of road tolls.
  • Subsidised fares for all and free bus, train and ferry travel for all pensioners.
  • Shifting heavy freight from road to rail.
  • A halt to new motorway construction.
  • All public transport to be accessible to disabled people.
  • A ban on the use of roads and railway systems to any vehicles involved in transporting nuclear weapons and nuclear waste.


    The SSP proposes:

  • Universal access to free education across Europe.
  • Defence of the welfare state and the raising of all social benefits "at least to the highest European levels".

    'A peaceful Europe'

    "The SSP totally opposes the barbaric bombing of Yugoslavia."

    The SSP supports:

  • An end to the Nato military action.
  • The right to return home for all those displaced in the current conflict.
  • "The rights of the Kosovar Albanians and other persecuted people to armed self defence."
  • "Self-determination for the people of Kosovo, including the right to full independence."

    Code of conduct

    SSP MEPs would:

  • "Live on no more than the average wage to ensure they remain truly representative of the people who elect them. Concretely, this means accepting 20,000 a year - and donating the other 23,000 which MEPs will be paid towards the fight for socialism."
  • Publish details of all their expenses.

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