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Wednesday, May 26, 1999 Published at 08:40 GMT 09:40 UK

UK Independence Party

The UK Independence Party, formed in 1993, is dedicated to the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union.

It stood candidates in the 1994 Euro-elections, and at every parliamentary by-election since then.

It describes itself as "the only democratic, non-racist, non-sectarian political party to advocate Britain's withdrawal from the European Union".

The UK Independence Party

Manifesto: "The UK must leave the EU."

The UK Independence Party believes the European Union is undemocratic and incapable of being sufficiently reformed because of a general EU-wide consensus around a federal vision.

The UK must leave the EU "in order to restore the authority for governing Britain to our own elected Parliament".

"When there are UKIP MEPs the British political establishment will no longer be able to ignore the British people's aversion to the EU. The idea that Britain should leave the EU will be forced into the policy debate instead of being branded as extreme."

"Negotiating will never achieve anything because the structure of the European Union and its institutions is laid down in treaties . . . The only way to bring back democratic, accountable government to Britain is to withdraw from the treaties which bind us to the EU."

"Britain does not need to be part of the EU> We are the fifth largest world economy with massive overseas investment, mostly in non-EU countries. We are part of the global economy. We need to stop pretending that our continued membership of the EU is somehow inevitable, and that we are too small to survive without it."

"Outside the EU it will be possible to restore honest, democratic government in a prosperous and confident Britain."

The euro

The UKIP "will retain the pound sterling as Britain's currency and will never adopt the European single currency".


"The EU's vision is to break up Britain into 12 Euro-regions with regional assemblies which communicate directly with Brussels, bypassing our own government. A start has been made with the devolved parliament of Scotland and the assembly in Wales."

"Naturally the UKIP opposes this insidious plan to reduce further the power of Westminster. It also opposes devolved parliaments within the UK as leading to increased numbers of bureaucrats, politicians, lawyers and taxes."

Other proposals

  • "UK Independence Party MEPs will have no illusions about the competence, honesty and powers of the European Parliament. They are standing for election to give voice to the large number of British people who believe that Britain should not be part of the EU."

    To that end, UKIP candidates will not, if elected to the European Parliament, use their expenses and allowances for personal benefit, and will put any surplus from travel allowances towards a legal fund to assist people who believe they are victims of EU policy;

  • The UKIP "seeks free trade with the EU and co-operation over matters of common concern";

  • The development of stronger trading links with the US, the Far East and Commonwealth countries.

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