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Monday, September 14, 1998 Published at 15:28 GMT 16:28 UK

Talking Point

Credibility shattered

He has let down the country, the women's movement and is the opposite of a quality person we need in the White House. He is given credit for an economy which was not of his making. One is hard pressed to name one thing he has contributed to making our economy so good. The stupid average American gives him credits for TALKING about what he wants as if those items were already accomplished.
Dr J H Robinson Creston, USA

To paraphrase George Washington... "If we are to find a man, we should look for him in his private life, for it is there that he will never fail to be himself. Other cultures seem to disassociate private from public behavior. In the US, the two are seen by many to be more inextricably linked. I personally am pleased that Clinton's behavior is being called into question.
Ken Sommers, USA

This is the man that promised his would be the most ethical administration in the history of America. But it is now the most investigated and indicted administration in our history! But the people swayed by this guy's charms knew they were electing a confirmed liar, draft dodger, and political animal of the worst kind, but didn't seem to care! He has corrupted this country in so many ways!(If only it were just about sex!)
Sheree Porter, California

America has been in a moral decline for a long time and our president has just pushed us into the gutter. There are laws in this country against sexual harassment but this man seems to think he is above reproach. His apology is too little,too late.
Susan Lane, USA

The Starr Report only serves to highlight what an untrustworthy and unsuitable president Mr.Clinton is. Moreover, it also shows just how naive and weak Mr.Blair is to constantly support him. Surely if a member of his cabinet commited the same moral crimes as Mr.Clinton, Blair would ask for his resignation? I sincerely hope so. Why must the British Government unquestioningly support the US, whatever it's crimes? Tony Blair should remember that, as yet, we are not the 51st state of the USA.
Jo Kibble, Leeds, UK

The President not only lied to the whole world, but he did so consistently and repeatedly. He also got others to spread his lies. His actions displayed a recklessness that is alarming especially as his office wields the power it does. He would still be denying everything if there was not compelling evidence otherwise. Everyone else in every stratum of society is expected to bear responsibility for their actions. So should he. He should have resigned in January. He has hung on for too long.
Adeboye, USA

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Clinton/Lewinski saga has been the deafening silence from the femenist lobby. A powerful, charismatic figure uses an impressionable young girl for his sexual gratification and lies to try and cover it all up. If Clinton was a republican, he would have been crucified by the liberal media. Come on USA, surely you are not so morally bankrupt that you will tolerate such a man as your president?
David Hearnshaw, UK

Don't focus on the sex. It's all of the illegal shenanigans employed to cover-up the affair which is the real issue. Our media pundits are saying the president is popular and effective. Perhaps. But committing a string of felonies to hide one's behavior is hardly presidential, more like tawdry and criminal.
John Hammer, USA

Starr's investigation took this long because Clinton did everything in his power to stonewall, lie, throw lawyers paid with tax dollars at him. It's sickening. Clinton has done more than lose our trust. He has proven himself to be worse than O.J. Simpson in the misogyny department. He must, and will, go. The man is already over. All you Clinton supporters are just going to have to live with it.
Jim, USA

No amount of semantic squirming can change the plain facts. Clinton lied under oath. He swore to uphold the law (twice) and broke it not once but at least eleven times. I have read the Starr report carefully and understand why such lurid detail was included. The president has his own definition of a sexual relationship and is using this to try to wriggle out of the mess he has made. Personally I don't care how much oral sex the president has, nor do I care with whom he has it. All that worries me is that he is a felon under the law of the United States and how can a felon be allowed to run the greatest country in the World?
Dr E D F Williams, Finland

For true confession and forgiveness, Mr. Clinton should resign. To re-build respect, confidence and trustworthy with his wife, family and the American people, he should step down. As far as the Starr report it is a $4 million Playboy and you should read the Bible as it is free and wholesome.
Ron Neithinger Sr, USA

I believe Clinton is indeed guilty of perjury, suborning perjury, obstruction, and interfering with witnesses. Someone said that Clinton diffuses attention from his scandals by multiplying them. Clinton is hollow to the core, a felon-to-be, void of judgement, an immense insult to the nation and the high office he holds, and the only decent thing for him to do is resign. File-gate, travel-gate, contribu-gate, and China-gate wait in the wings. This dangerously unbalanced man is a blight on the United States of America and the laughingstock of the world. He needs to leave office. Now.
B. J. Millen - North Carolina

The man has disgraced not only himself, but also the office. He should go.
R Kutzenberger, USA

Politicians lie and they, like all of us, have personal shortcomings. But moral leadership should stand for more than lying under oath. The president should resign.
Bruce C, USA

If it weren't for the strong economy, Clinton would have been removed from office long ago. The pattern of corruption and excesses under his administration have been a national embarrassment. Most people will not look past the good state of the economy, however, and so he stays. Never mind the fact that he hasn't actually done anything to strengthen it in the first place! As Americans, it would appear that if we want Bill Clinton as president, then that's exactly what we deserve.
Marc D Fries, USA

His conduct is unbecoming for a president.
Andrew Johnson, USA

Clinton has lied under OATH in front of his people who trust him. It has set a very bad example. I don't think this is a pardonable offence when it concerns a person who represents his country.
Sumeet Garg, USA

He just wants to get back to his job, eh? Well, why didn't he stay on the job in the first place? The presidency is a position that is supposed to command world respect. The person who holds this temporary job must be held to a higher standard. If the managing director of your company was caught having sex with one of the low-ranking employees and then had the effrontery to lie about it for eight months, would you still want to be in his employ? But, we as Americans should hold some of the blame as well. We knew about his shady history as far back as 1992. "Character wasn't an issue," the media screamed. I guess character matters after all.
James Cloninger, USA

I am embarrassed that this man represents me to the entire world. Not only has he lost credibility, but he has also weakened America's ability to influence international events (both diplomatically as well as militarily). Just look at the events in Russia, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, etc. I remember fondly the days of Ronald Reagan and George Bush.
Richard Bartilotti, USA

If an admitted lapse in personal judgement is permissible, could possible additional lapses in judgement regarding national security, national and world finances, and third world political stabilisation be tolerated?
Bob Senesi, USA

This man has no morals, nor does he have any class. Do the American people really want a man like Clinton to be representing their country? Having sex in the Oval Office is a disgrace, not only to his fellow countrymen, but to the nation as a whole. There is a difference between lying for political matters and lying while taking the stand. He committed perjury, and should be treated like all others, despite his status, and should be charged with perjury. Perjury is a crime, and his status should not protect him against what he supposedly advocates for - justice.
Tracey Johnson, United Kingdom

Clinton should have stepped down long ago. He doesn't lead a moral life within his family; how can we expect him to run the US? He didn't have a problem lying to the general public about his affairs with Ms Lewinsky, so how do we know that he is telling the truth about anything, including the bombings in the Sudan, for example.
William Heller, Canada

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