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Saturday, October 3, 1998 Published at 14:09 GMT

Highlights: More evidence

Boxes of Starr inquiry evidence have been made public

When more than 4,600 pages of evidence from the Starr investigation were made public, they included transcripts of taped conversations between Monica Lewinsky and one-time friend Linda Tripp - and testimony to the Grand Jury.

Lewinsky to Tripp: "Telling the truth could get you into trouble. I don't know why you'd want to do that.

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"I am a good person. I think no matter what - no matter how he has wronged me, no matter how many girlfriends he had, no matter how many people he abused, no matter how many, it, it was my choice."
Tripp:"What is the definition of sex?" Lewinsky:"Intercourse. I never had intercourse. I did not have a sexual relationship."

Tripp to Lewinsky: "Here, here's my, my biggest fear where you're concerned. Then I'll tell you my fear where I'm concerned. Vernon Jordan does not have your best interest at heart, and you know it. He has his buddy's best interests at heart and you know it.

"I just wish I had a Vernon Jordan. I'm not kidding. I feel very lost. I feel like I'm sitting out there in suburbia. I have two kids in college."

Betty Currie to Grand Jury

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"Initially I would consider [Monica Lewinsky] as an intern who had been maligned improperly. Later on, I considered her as a pain in the neck."

"It was hard to tell what I thought ... It was like, whew, all this came at me. Everything - I didn't know who you people were, what you all were doing. If you were friend or foe. And I was just inundated by a lot of thoughts. I was totally, totally confused. And information? I didn't know what I had. I didn't know what anybody wanted."

Excerpts from the Grand Jury testimony of Dick Morris, former presidential political consultant

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"He [the president] got on the phone and said: 'Oh, God. This is just awful.' Then he said: 'With this girl, I didn't do what they said ... but I did do something ... And I may have done enough so that I don't know if I can prove my innocence'."

"And I said: 'There's a vast capacity for forgiveness in this country.'

"He said: 'You know, ever since the election, I've tried to shut myself down. I've tried to shut my body down, sexually, I mean ... But sometimes I slipped up and with this girl I just slipped up.'"

Grand Jury testimony of Vernon Jordan, President Clinton's close friend

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"Ms Lewinsky asked me if I thought that the president would leave the first lady at the end of his term.

"That was a very both frightening and, from my point of view, unrealistic question about the president, so I just said: 'That's a really crazy notion on your part' and ... that I was confident that they would be together 'til death do them part.

"It was that statement that certainly sent alarm bells off in my mind as to this kind of fixation, this kind of possessive, bobby-soxer attitude that I felt that she had towards the president."

"I had a conversation with the president, and as part of that conversation, I said to him that Betty Currie had called me about Monica Lewinsky.

"And the conversation was that he knew about her situation, which was that she was pushed out of the White House, that she wanted to go to New York, and he thanked me for helping her."

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