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Thursday, September 24, 1998 Published at 14:46 GMT 15:46 UK

Why I kept 'that dress'

Kenneth Starr's 2,800 pages of supplementary evidence reveal that sex with a cigar did feature in Monica Lewinsky's relationship with President Clinton - but only once.

Juror:Did you and the president ever engage in sexual relations using cigars?

Lewinksy: Yes. Just once. Just once ...

Q: Did you think any conversations to him about his wife were inappropriate?

Lewinksy: ... I - there were very few discussions and I tended to say things like, "Well, when you're alone," you know, "Call me when you're alone," kind of a thing ...

Q:Ms Lewinsky, I wondered if you ever had any trouble with the Secret Service in trying to be near the president.

Lewinksy: No ...

Q:I have a question about Linda Tripp.

Lewinksy: Ugh. Sorry.

Q: In your conversations with Ms Tripp, was her opinion always that she must be truthful or was there a time where your impression was that she was going to provide you with cooperation as far as keeping the secrecy?

Lewinksy: There are two areas of that, I guess. Linda always told me she would always protect me and she would never tell anybody and keep my secret, up until the Paula Jones case came about.

Q: I'd like to ask a clarifying follow-up because I wasn't sure I understood all of the sort of ins and outs, if you will, of when Linda was going to maintain the secret and when she was going to reveal it. It sounded like prior to the time when Linda got a Paula Jones subpoena, your understanding was she was doing to keep the secret.

Lewinksy: Correct.

Q: And then after she got the Paula Jones subpoena, then she told you that she was going to disclose things and tell the truth. Is that right?

Lewinksy: Yes. Yes.

Q: OK. And then in this conversation on 9th January, she indicated some willingness to consider keeping the secret a bit longer.

Lewinksy: No, considered that she was going to do that ...

Q: When you said that in your conversations with Linda Tripp you kind of had to exaggerate some things about the president to her, you exaggerated on some of the things you said to her about the president -

Lewinksy: I'm not sure about that. I - I don't know if exaggerate is the right - is maybe the word I would choose.

Q: ... why do you think that you had to not tell her some things that did actually happen, true things, in talking to her?

Lewinksy: That really came about in relation to the Paula Jones case ... there were some occasions, one in particular that I remember, when I didn't disclose a contact that I had with the president - ... after the Paula Jones case, I was scared to death. I mean, I was panicked that she was going to tell. So ... some of the things I said about Mr Jordan, I said, you know, oh, the president told me I have to lie ...

Q: What were the nature of the lies that you were telling to Linda Tripp during that January period?

Lewinksy: Oh, gosh. They went from - I guess a non-disclosure of my meeting with him on the 28th, no my phone call with him on the 5th of January, to - ranging to things that he said I had to do or told me to do.

Q: Monica, why did you keep that black dress? ... Blue dress.

Lewinksy: I didn't have a reason ... if I remember correctly, I didn't really realise that there was anything on it until I went to go wear it again ...

... I had shown the dress to Linda at that point and had just sort of said to her ... "Isn't this stupid?" Or, you know, "Look at this, isn't this gross?" Or whatever. I don't really remember exactly what I said.

And she told me that I should put it in a safe deposit box because it could be evidence one day. And I said that was ludicrous because I would never - I would never disclose that I had a relationship with the president, I would never need it.

And then when Thanksgiving time came around and I told her that I was going to wear it for Thanksgiving, she told me I looked fat in the dress, I shouldn't wear it. She brought me a jacket from her closet ... to try to persuade me not to wear the dress.

So I ended up not wearing it and then I was going to clean it. I took it with me up to New York and was going to clean it up there and then this broke.

Click here for the full 2,800 pages of Kenneth Starr's supplementary evidence.

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