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Monday, February 15, 1999 Published at 15:21 GMT

Key moments: In their own words

Key soundbites in audio and video from the Lewinsky affair - from first denial to impeachment trial:

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President Clinton
What Bill Clinton said - and when he said it - became a key part of the evidence against him.

No sexual relations with "that woman"
News conference: 27 January

Relations were "not appropriate"
Address to the nation after Grand Jury testimony: 17 August

"I'm sorry"
Reacting in Ireland to criticism from old friend Joe Lieberman: 4 September

"Deep sorrow"
Second apology on national television: 9 September

"I have sinned"
Clinton addresses the White House prayer breakfast: 11 September

Crucial cuts: Video testimony to Grand Jury
Edits of the video made on 17 August but not made public until 21 September

"I want to say again how profoundly sorry I am"
President Clinton's address to the nation after his impeachment acquittal: 12 February

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Monica Lewinsky
Tapes of phone calls between Ms Lewinsky and one-time confidante Linda Tripp were central to Kenneth Starr's report.

"I never even came close to having sex with him"
Taped conversation with Linda Tripp (released 17 November)

"I never expected to feel this way"
Taped conversation with Linda Tripp (released 17 November)

"This is too much for one person"
Taped conversation with Linda Tripp (released 17 November)

"No-one asked or encouraged me to lie"
Taped evidence for Senate trial

Monica Lewinsky explains it was not in her "best interests" to testify in the Paula Jones case
Taped evidence for Senate trial

"I said something about seeing him more as a man than as a president"
Taped evidence for Senate trial

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First Lady
Throughout the crisis, Hillary Clinton stood by her man.

"There's no fire"
Interview with NBC Today: 27 January

"Truth will come out"
ABC's Good Morning America: 28 January

"I'm proud of his leadership"
Hilary Clinton introduces the president: 10 September

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Impeachment trial
Highlights from President Clinton's impeachment trial - only the second in US history.

The prosecution

Opening prayer for guidance "through this difficult time"
Senate Chaplain Rev Lloyd Ogilvie, Trial day one: 14 January

Senators, you are now stewards of the oath
Rep Henry Hyde, Trial day one: 14 January

"Perjury is the twin brother of bribery"
Rep F James Sensenbrenner, Trial day one: 14 January

"If you cannot believe the president, who can you believe?"
Rep Henry Hyde reading a letter by third-grader William Summers, Trial day three: 16 January

'Make America a country worth dying for'
Rep Henry Hyde: 16 January

The defence

"William Jefferson Clinton is not guilty of the charges proferred against him"
White House counsel Charles Ruff, opening statements for the defence, Trial day four: 19 January

Are we at that horrific moment in our history?
Charles Ruff, Trial day four: 19 January

As long as we each do our constitutional duty, those who fought for this country would be proud
Charles Ruff, Trial day four: 19 January

Attacking the obstruction of justice charge David Kendall 21 January

"The people are calling on you to rise above partisanship"
Dale Bumpers closes arguments for the defence: 21 January

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Views in congress eventually divided along partisan lines.

Result of historic vote on the first article of impeachment
19 December

Such behaviour is "immoral"
Senator Joseph Lieberman (Democrat): 3 September

Huge "responsibility for the Congress"
Dick Gephardt, Democratic leader in the House of Representatives: 9 September

"His problems cannot be ignored"
Senate Majority Leader (Republican) Trent Lott

"This is a very serious constitutional question"
House Speaker (Republican) Newt Gingrich: 9 September

"Lousy job, but someone has to do it"
Henry Hyde, Chairman of House Judiciary Committee (Republican): 9 September

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Public opinion
Public support for the president appeared to hold up throughout the crisis.

A selection of callers to US radio
WAMU FM: 17 August

Listening to the president's apology
Stephen Sackur: 17 August

First reactions to the Starr report
Ben Brown: 11 September

"People are still making up their minds"
John Simpson: 12 September

Churchgoers' reactions
John Simpson: 13 September

First reactions: Polls start rising in wake of broadcast of video
Philippa Thomas: 22 September

The people of Memphis give their reaction
Malcolm Brabant: 22 September

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BBC Coverage

As well as the daily television and news reports, the BBC has produced some more in-depth programmes.

BBC Panorama's special report on the Clinton crisis. 14th August

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