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Tuesday, March 16, 1999 Published at 13:02 GMT

Brown: UK to defy world downturn
Chancellor Gordon Brown tells the BBC his Budget platform for stable growth in the UK will enable the economy to withstand the threat posed by a shaky world economy.
Drivers paying Budget price
An international BBC report finds that post-Budget petrol prices in UK are among the highest in world.
Digesting the Budget
Chancellor Gordon Brown has defended his Budget from accusations it included gimmicks to win favourable headlines.
Politics v prudence
The BBC's Chris Giles looks at the Budget that put Gordon Brown back in the role of political fighter rather than simply a prudent chancellor.
The Tony and Gordon show
The prime minister and the chancellor teamed up for a radio phone-in to take questions on the Budget and what it is like being neighbours.
You give Budget thumbs down
Unwilling to be persuaded by the front pages, News Online readers criticise Gordon Brown's economic reforms.
'Smuggling czar' to lead clampdown
A "smuggling czar" is to be appointed to lead a crackdown on the massive trade in smuggled tobacco in the UK.
The Treasury answers your Budget questions
Financial Secretary to the Treasury Barbara Roche answers Budget questions sent in by BBC News Online users.
Full text of the chancellor's speech
Chancellor Gordon Brown's full Budget speech.
The chancellor's full speech - part two
Gordon Brown's speech to the House of Commons.
Lucky Gordon's Budget for the worthy
BBC's Newsnight Economics Correspondent Evan Davies assesses exactly how generous Gordon Brown was in his Budget.
Brown targets income tax
Chancellor Gordon Brown has cut a swathe through income tax bringing the basic rate down to 22p and introducing a 10p starting rate.
Budget at-a-glance
The main points of the 1999 Budget at a glance.
Where's the money coming from?
The government's headline tax cuts in the Budget have been funded by falls in spending and low key or pre-announced tax rises.
Millennium present for drinkers
Duties on alcohol have been frozen but smokers will pay an extra 17.5p on a packet of 20 cigarettes - neither the drinks nor the tobacco industries are happy.
Fuel rises by 6%
Petrol duty has risen by 6% above inflation, the road tax on small cars will fall by 55 from June and a number of measures have been introduced to encourage the use of "green" vehicles.
Benefitting families
Child benefit will not be taxed and family payments are to rise from next year, but mortgage tax relief and the married couple's alllowance face the axe.
NHS to get an extra 430m
An extra 430m is to be pumped into the NHS to improve accident and emergency departments around the country.
Winter warmer for elderly
The 20 annual winter allowance for the country's eight million elderly households, has been boosted to 100 per household.
Budget cash to fight crime
An extra 170m has been earmarked for crime prevention measures such as closed circuit television cameras.
Tories attack 'pickpocket chancellor'
Conservative leader William Hague launches a fierce attack on Labour's Budget proposals.
10p chancellor's election bid
Gordon Brown has astonished MPs on all sides with a radical budget that cut taxes and set the government firmly on election footing.
Charlie Whelan spins it softly
BBC News Online asks Charlie Whelan, formerly Gordon Brown's ultra-loyal spin-doctor, how he would spin this Budget.
Brown's tax bombshell
A cut in the basic rate of income tax to its lowest level for 70 years surprised MPs.
A greener shade of Brown
The Budget's announcement of an industrial energy tax delights environment campaigners.
UK university science gets 100m boost
University science labs are to get 100m to increase the amount of research and development carried out in the UK.
Teachers to take computers home
Unions welcome extra computer access for teachers and the announcement that every school is to receive 2,000 for books.
1.7bn investment in computers
The UK Government is launching a 1.7bn scheme to make the nation a leader in using information technology.
Shares 'for all'
It will become much cheaper for employees to buy shares in their own companies - a move that could revolutionise share ownership.
Higher returns for pensioners
A new higher-rate savings bond will be offered to pensioners, while all UK investment offerings are to be published in league tables by financial regulators.
Help for older unemployed
Older workers are to benefit from a minimum income guarantee of 170 a week for a year if they return to work.
Company tax cut to all-time low
A raft of reforms to encourage enterprise, including cutting the corporation tax from 31% to 30% and incentives for small businesses, have been announced.
Business backs the Budget
Business leaders and trade unions welcome the decision to cut taxes, introduce a raft of new measures to promote enterprise and broaden share ownership.

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