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Flag flown on island's bare poles

Jersey pennant
The new pennant flag will be flown on flag poles when the standard flag is not

A new flag has been designed to be flown on flag poles in Jersey which would otherwise be bare.

The triangular pennant, or storm flag, has been designed to withstand strong winds so it can be flown all the time.

Chris Scholefield, of Jersey Heritage, said the flag would be used on days when the standard flag, saved for key dates, was not being flown.

Jersey Heritage plans to raise the new pennants on 12 poles at the Maritime Museum later.

They will be raised in a ceremony by 12 cadets from the Victoria College Combined Cadet Force.

Extra flag

The new 2m (6.5ft) flag carries the Jersey crest.

Mr Scholefield told BBC Jersey: "This is to avoid having a bare flagpole - it's not instead of the Jersey flag, it's as well as, it's an extra one.

"So much of the time you see bare flag poles, those are the ones that can start flying this new Jersey pennant, or storm flag.

"When red letter day comes along and you want to put up your normal Jersey flag, down goes the storm flag, up goes the standard flag and then the storm flag can replace it when the standard flag comes down."

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