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Jersey to help Sark 'how it can'

There is no social security in Sark to help those made unemployed

Jersey will help Sark however it can after 140 jobs were lost, the new chief minister has said.

The jobs were lost after the Barclay brothers withdrew business interests from the island after its first fully democratic election last week.

An official message of support was already been sent by Jersey's States.

But Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur said he was working with Guernsey's chief minister so the islands could co-ordinate the help they gave Sark.

'Sister' island

Jersey politicians said last week they would be supporting those who had lost their jobs on their "sister" Channel Island.

Jersey's Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache said he was writing to his equivalent, the Seneschal, Lt Col Reg Guille, in Sark.

But Chief Minister Le Sueur said if the other Channel Islands decided financial help was the best way to show support, he would do all he could to provide it.

He said: "I haven't worked out where it would come from. I certainly wouldn't want to remove it from the overseas aid pot.

"But I'm sure we can find some way of achieving this, even if it means going back to the States for a special vote."

Sir David (l) and Sir Frederick Barclay
The Barclays have numerous business interests in Sark

There is no social security in Sark, which has about 600 inhabitants.

The job losses followed the closure by the multi-millionaire Barclay brothers of numerous businesses on Sark.

Kevin Delaney, business manager for Sark Estate Management, which runs the Barclay's Sark interests, told BBC News that by electing candidates mainly opposed to radical reforms, the people of Sark "have effectively written the longest commercial suicide note in human history."

The Barclays live in a mansion on Sark's neighbouring island of Brecqhou, which they bought in 1993.

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