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States debate on new consumer law

Cash till
Jersey consumers do not currently have statutory rights

A new law to help islanders who buy faulty goods in Jersey to get a refund is to be debated in the States.

Currently Jersey consumers do not have any statutory rights.

So unlike in the UK, if a consumer buys something in Jersey which is faulty, the trader is under no legal requirement to provide a refund.

The law being proposed by Senator Philip Ozouf ensures any goods supplied by traders are of satisfactory quality and reasonably fit for purpose.

It is also hoped the law will provide some protection to people who buy cars in Jersey from an seller who has not completed payment for the vehicle.

Currently a new owner could have their car repossessed if the old owner falls behind with payments.

The law, proposed by Mr Ozouf - the Economic Development Minister - will be debated in the States on 15 June.

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