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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 March 2008, 12:37 GMT
Jersey 'punishment rooms' found
Haut de la Garenne
Haut de la Garenne became a youth hostel in 2004
Police have discovered two more cellar rooms at a former Jersey children's home at the centre of an investigation into alleged abuse.

The underground chambers were found by forensic teams at Haut de la Garenne, the home where 100 people claim they were abused.

Called punishment rooms by victims, two other areas have already been found.

Police say tests on the remains found on the site were inconclusive, but they were placed there no earlier than 1920.

Victims have claimed they were kept in solitary confinement and assaulted in the cellars.

Senior investigating officer Lenny Harper said: "We have now established that there are a further two rooms, and we have received evidence from another victim over the last few days which tells of abuse in one of these two new rooms."

Items recovered

He said the third room is like the second, but the fourth may have reduced head room.

He added: "A number of items have been recovered from cellar rooms one and two, which tend to corroborate the statements of victims."

Mr Harper could not say what the items are as they may lose "evidential value" if the details are published.

Excavation work will not start on the third cellar until forensic teams finish in the second chamber.

Investigators say there are more than 40 suspects in the inquiry.

Haut de la Garenne opened in 1867 and was converted into a youth hostel after it closed as a children's home in 1986.

Dep police chief on the process to date the skull

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