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Last Updated: Saturday, 16 February 2008, 18:12 GMT
Call for island-wide plastic ban
Turtle with plastic waste in its mouth
Animals, birds and fish are being killed by plastic waste
One of Jersey's best known conservationists has called for the island to go plastic bag free.

Lee Durrell, of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust said taking your own shopping bag with you was an easy thing to do.

She believes people are more aware of the need to stop using plastic bags and would like leading supermarkets and shops to look at the issue.

Plastic waste can have a devastating impact on marine wildlife.

In May 2007 every shop in the Devon town of Modbury banned plastic bags at the suggestion of one of its residents, Rebecca Hosking, who had seen the damage caused by discarded plastic to turtles and other marine creatures while filming a wildlife documentary.

Since then, more than 50 towns and villages across Britain have also decided to bin their bags in favour of biodegradable bags made from natural materials such as canvas or cotton.


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