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Last Updated: Friday, 31 August 2007, 09:45 GMT 10:45 UK
Senator sends dossier to members
Jersey States
There are calls for the States to dismiss the Health Minister
States members and civil servants have been sent a detailed dossier by the Jersey health minister.

Senator Stuart Syvret has detailed his concerns over perceived short-comings in the child protection service.

It follows moves by the Chief Minister, Senator Frank Walker, to have the minister sacked over his recent conduct towards members of his department.

The chief minister will lead the move to sack Senator Syvret in the States on 11 September.

But Senator Syvret has briefed his departmental staff, civil servants and fellow states members, after articles appeared in the Times, the Guardian and the Community Care magazine for workers in the social care sector.

The newspaper stories quoted the senator's concerns at length. The concerns were detailed in the projet (agenda item) lodged by the chief minister calling upon the States to dismiss Senator Syvret as health minister.

Senator Syvret has included a copy of his letter to the Howard League for Penal Reform inviting them to send a team to Jersey to undertake an independent review of child and young person custody in the island.

Meeting over minister's future
18 Aug 07 |  Jersey

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