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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 August 2007, 18:04 GMT 19:04 UK
Move to change police complaints
The way in which complaints are processed against members of Jersey's honorary police forces may change.

Home Affairs Minister Wendy Kinnard is proposing a series of amendments to the current law.

It recommends the Police Complaints Authority is not informed in minor cases of complaints brought against a member of the honorary police.

The changes also seek to clarify the involvement of the Attorney General in the resolution of complaints.

Under the changes, when the informal resolution of a complaint is impossible, the Attorney General would no longer have to tell the Constable to request the Chief Officer of the States Police to carry out an investigation.

But the Constable would still need to tell the Attorney of any circumstances where an informal resolution of a complaint had been attempted.

The proposals aim to reinforce the Constable's role in maintaining the integrity of the force in his parish.

The amendments would apply to the Draft Honorary Police Complaints and Discipline Procedure.

Each of Jersey's 12 parishes has its own honorary police force which augment the paid police.


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