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Senator in vote of no confidence
Senator Stuart Syvret
Senator Syvret faces a vote of no confidence if he does not resign
Jersey's Health Minister could become a back-bencher again in September if states members back a vote of no confidence against him.

It comes after Senator Stuart Syvret expressed his concerns about child protection in the island.

The Council of Ministers has already agreed to investigate the issue.

But the Chief Minister says Senator Svyret's comments cast a slur against people working in his department and so he should resign.

Senator Frank Walker added if Senator Syvret does not withdraw the remarks or step down from his post, he will face a vote of no confidence when the States reconvene in September.

Two weeks ago Senator Syvret raised serious concerns about the state of child protection and child welfare during states question time.

He also criticised members of his own department, which has led to a letter from the Council of Ministers to the Chief Minister saying they no longer felt able to work alongside Senator Syvret.

A meeting is being called to give the Health and Social Services Minister the opportunity to withdraw his comments.

But Senator Svyret says he will not resign and so far he has made no apology for the allegations made against his ministerial colleagues.

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