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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 March 2007, 10:29 GMT
Jersey favours general election
Ballot paper
Reducing the number of politicians from 50 to 30 is being considered
People living in Jersey would prefer to have all their States members elected on the same day.

The information has been released by the States, following an opinion poll into proposed electoral reform.

Their preferred option for change was fewer politicians, with them being elected on a single day.

The least preferred option was to make no changes, while 17% cent of islanders said constables should be removed from the States.

Electoral reform proposals are being considered by the privileges and procedures committee.

The committee's proposals include holding one general election day instead of the current system of separate elections for senators, deputies and constables.

Other suggestions include reducing the number of senators and deputies from more than 50 to 30, and re-arranging the size and number of voting districts.

Election funding may be limited
02 Jan 07 |  Jersey

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