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Millionaire's 100 for over-70s
A Jersey millionaire is giving anyone aged 70 or over 100 for Christmas.

David Kirch, who turned 70 in July, said he had considered a number of ideas of how to celebrate.

Deciding against a big party, he is giving the money away in the form of vouchers at a total cost which could top 1m.

The vouchers, which can be used at a number of local stores, are also available to anyone who reaches the age of 70 before the end of the year.


Mr Kirch, who is well known on the island as a recluse, said he hoped those who would benefit would like his Christmas gift.

He said: "I reached the age of 70, which was not an entirely welcome prospect, so I decided against hosting a lavish party. Instead, I wanted to share the occasion with all other Jersey residents who will have reached this milestone."

He added that he was not put off after finding out that about one-in-10 of the island's 88,000-strong population is 70 or over.

He said: "I guessed that there would be approximately 3,000 of us, and was very surprised to find out instead that there are about three times that number."

The 100 will be in four 25 vouchers and will be available before the end of November.

Recipients will need to give their name, address and sign a receipt when they collect their vouchers to satisfy parish authorities of their eligibility. They can then be spent at Le Riches, Checkers, Benests, Safeway and Marks & Spencer stores.

People in nursing or residential homes can have the matron of their home apply on their behalf.

Mr Kirch said that in those cases he hoped the homes would organise Christmas parties so that all those entitled would be able to benefit from his gift.

The island's branch of the charity Age Concern said it was a great idea and would make a big difference to older people who often found it a difficult time of year financially.

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