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Last Updated: Sunday, 2 July 2006, 11:00 GMT 12:00 UK
Arrests after football violence
Jersey riots
More than 150 clashed with police
Forty people have been arrested in Jersey after fighting following the England v Portugal World Cup match, police said.

Unrest on the streets of St Helier began shortly after the Portugal win. Riot police were deployed for only the second time in the island's history.

Officers sealed off an area of Portuguese shops and businesses as more than 150 people clashed with police.

Ten per cent of Jersey's population is Portuguese or of Portuguese origin.

Jersey police say they will use video footage to track down England football fans who threw bottles and missiles at officers.

Ch Insp Sean Duval of Jersey Police said: "The majority of people we had difficulties with and we had to deploy public order officers against were young people. I wouldn't describe the majority of them as football fans."

Officers in riot gear formed a cordon around Minden Place where Portuguese supporters were celebrating their country's victory.

Jersey riots

Mr Duval said: "Our intention was not to allow - I am loath to use the term fans - or any other groups of disorderly people, to get to the Portuguese celebrations.

"There was a concerted effort by a lot of people with a propensity to violence or disorder to do so and we were able to keep them at bay.

"A number of arrests were made as a consequence and eventually by withdrawing and using a variety of tactics they seemed to disperse."

But some Portuguese fans say the police precautions were over the top.

One said: "This is a free country. People should have been allowed to go home, but the police had closed the multi-storey car park."

Another said: "If there had been problems in town they could have brought the police in when needed, but not before the game was finished."

Police had kept the two sets of supporters separate after similar scenes during Euro 2004.

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