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No collaboration choice says book
Liberation Square, Jersey
A former Bailiff, who escaped to France, helped compile the new book
An official book marking Jersey's liberation says islanders did not choose to collaborate with the Germans.

The British Channel Islands under German Occupation 1940-1945, written to mark the 60th anniversary of Liberation Day, was launched on Thursday.

It is made up from experiences of those who lived through the occupation and was commissioned by the Heritage Trust.

The book's author, historian Dr Paul Sanders, says the people of Jersey did not have a choice in what they did.

Overall I do analyse Jersey and Guernsey as a case of submission on the grounds of superior force
Dr Paul Sanders, historian and author

He said: "There was absolutely no case of ideological collaboration in the Channel Islands, whereas there was in some other countries.

"In Holland for example, there was a huge Nazi movement there, which was something you did not have at all in the Channel Islands.

"Overall I do analyse Jersey and Guernsey as a case of submission on the grounds of superior force."

Dr Sanders is a specialist on the occupation of Europe during the war and has studied in Berlin, Paris and Cambridge. He has used declassified documents and material from the former Soviet Bloc.

It concentrates as much on the social and economic nature of the occupation as it does on the military side.

A panel of experts helped compile the new book, including former Bailiff Sir Peter Crill, who escaped to France from Jersey during the occupation, Joe Miere, who was imprisoned for acts of resistance and Bob le Sueur, who helped escaped Russian slave workers.

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