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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 December 2005, 09:25 GMT
Walker names his nine ministers
Frank Walker
The council of nine will support the new Chief Minister Frank Walker
Chief Minister Frank Walker has named the nine senators he wants to serve as ministers in Jersey's new government.

If Mr Walker's proposals are supported, Philip Ozouf, chair of Planning and Environment, gets a new job in the Economic Development Department.

His previous role will be filled by Freddie Cohan and Len Norman. Terry Le Sueur, already named as Mr Walker's deputy, remains at Treasury.

The States will vote on Mr Walker's choices on Thursday.

It is also suggested that Mike Vibert, Stuart Syvret, Wendy Kinnard , Terry le Main and Paul Routier all retain their portfolios at Education, Health, Transport, Treasury and Social Security.

The States will also vote next Tuesday for the chairs of the four scrutiny panels who will hold ministers to account.

Under the new system, there will no longer be committee meetings and it is believed it will speed up the decision making process, with individual ministers implementing policy.

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