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Last Updated: Sunday, 9 October 2005, 10:12 GMT 11:12 UK
Canon says stained glass must go
Stained glass windows should be removed from a church which is going to be converted into a home, says the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Jersey.

The church of St John and St Anthony in Trinity was put up for sale last year because of a shortage of priests.

Now there are plans to turn it into a five-bedroom house.

Planners say the windows should be left in the property, but Canon Nicholas France says the windows should go to a working religious building.

He said: "Like statues, they are very devotional for us as Catholics, so you don't just turn a statue into a birdbath or something in the garden along with some other nymphs.

"You treat it with respect because it has been a focus of devotion. I said that I didn't think it was appropiate that these stained glass windows should be reinstated.

"I wouldn't have thought that the people buying the house would want to be sitting there with their gin and tonic with some severe looking saint looking down on them."

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