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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 February, 2005, 21:25 GMT
Reassurances over windfarm plans
Wind turbine
People have concerns about the turbines' possible visual impact
Jersey people worried about the potential effects of a windfarm near the island's coast have been reassured by a Scottish councillor.

Councillor Margaret Munn represents Ardrossan South, where there are 12 turbines close to a large community.

The turbines are a similar type to the ones being considered by the French for the Ecrehous area.

Cllr Munn said locals were pleased some of their electricity came from an environmentally-friendly source.

She said residents in her area had similar concerns over the visual impact before the wind farm was set up, but that since it had been running there worries had been allayed.

She added the turbines were visible for miles around, but a lot of people had since described them as "quite relaxing to look at".

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