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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 January, 2005, 11:42 GMT
Guernsey offered recycling plants
Waste landfill site
Guernsey States is due to consider options on tackling waste
A German company is claiming it could save Guernsey millions in dealing with its waste.

Nehlsen AG wants to recycle all rubbish and convert non-re-cyclable materials into low-grade fuel for export.

By offering to pay for all the construction costs itself, the company believes it would save the island the 72m earmarked for an incinerator.

Guernsey is considering building an incinerator at Longue Hougue because its tip at Mont Cuet is nearly full.

'Incredibly expensive'

Nehlson's local associate Dave Archer said the scheme had many advantages.

"Nothing changes in the island, with all the contractors staying as they are.

"There's no effect on the environment whatsoever as opposed to a mass-burn incinerator which would be incredibly expensive and would release fumes into the atmosphere which a lot of residents on this island would not like."

Two sorting centres would be built, at Longue Hougue and at Chouet, each covering about an acre.

Mr Archer said: "There are about 90,000 tonnes of waste a year that we can recycle in Guernsey for about the same costs of an incinerator, of about 100 a tonne."

Jersey's waste incinerator is due to be replaced and it has been suggested a new larger facility could also deal with Guernsey's rubbish.

Guernsey States' waste to energy panel is due to report later in January.

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