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Last Updated: Friday, 17 June, 2005, 13:27 GMT 14:27 UK
Jail struggles with tag offenders
La Moye Prison
La Moye is facing severe problems with overcrowding
More than a quarter of prisoners in Jersey who were released with electronic tags were re-arrested, according to new figures.

Sixty-six people have been released early with tags, but 17 of those failed to comply with conditions and had their licences revoked.

Among the conditions are details on where they have to live and what time they must be home.

The prison said most had broken their curfews or failed drink or drugs tests.

Prison overcrowding

However Steven Guy Gibbons, governor at La Moye Prison, says none had re-offended.

Mr Gibbons said the prison has a zero tolerance approach to tagging and will not ignore prisoners who breach the rules.

Meanwhile it is being claimed vulnerable prisoners in Jersey are having to live in conditions which are far from satisfactory because of problems with overcrowding.

In the latest Home Affairs figures, the number of prisoners at La Moye has reached 181.

Of those, 45 are classed as vulnerable and are separated from other prisoners for their own safety.

However more than 30 are having to live in accommodation which is designed for just 13 people.

They may have committed sexual offences or have had problems with other prisoners before being sentenced.

The governor said overcrowding is putting a lot of pressure on these prisoners.


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