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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 November, 2004, 11:53 GMT
Shopmobility car park is approved
Disability scooter
Shopmobility will operate from Monday to Saturday
A car park for a scheme to help people with mobility problems go shopping in Jersey has been approved.

Shopmobility, which provides wheelchairs and motorised scooters suitable for use in shopping areas, will begin next March.

The scheme already operates in about 450 towns and cities across the UK.

The Environment and Public Services committee has agreed permission for the scheme to be based in the Sand Street car park, St Helier.


The Shopmobility scheme is the brainchild of retired London councillor, Edward Trevor, who moved to Jersey last year.

Mr Trevor told BBC News Online it will give people independence.

He said: "People can be driven or drive themselves to the car park and leave their car on the lower floor and borrow either a manual or a powered wheelchair or scooter for a small charge."

Shopmobility will operate from 1000 - 1630 GMT Monday to Saturday and will have12 powered chairs or scooters and six manual wheelchairs.

We'll do whatever is necessary in order to help set it up
Caroline Anderson, Environment and Public Services committee

Local and national companies have donated money for the vehicles, furniture and a computer system.

There will be a registration fee of about 30 to 40 for island residents who are permanently disabled, with a daily usage charge of 1.

Temporarily disabled people and tourists will also be able to use the scheme for about 5 per half day.

Mr Trevor says the scheme, which will be run as a charitable public trust, will be part of the National Federation of Shopmobility.

Caroline Anderson from the Environment and Public Services committee says the States will help with the setting up of the scheme.

She said: "We'll do whatever is necessary in order to help set it up.

"A ramp will obviously be needed in the car park and we will provide the funding for that."

Shopmobility charges criticised
11 Oct 04 |  Nottinghamshire

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