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Last Updated: Friday, 21 May, 2004, 09:20 GMT 10:20 UK
Cost of cremations could increase
Jersey crematorium
Two cremators at Westmount were replaced two years ago
The cost of cremations in Jersey could increase if new environmental regulations are adopted.

The rise is due to new rules from the EU which may require updated equipment.

Crematoriums across Europe could soon have to install special filters to remove mercury emissions caused by amalgam tooth fillings.

Experts are concerned that mercury from amalgam is picked up in marine sediments. It has apparently started to pollute the North Sea.

'Political decision'

If new EU regulations are passed, crematoria in the UK would have to install filtration equipment to remove the mercury and Jersey is likely to follow suit.

The two cremators at Jersey's Westmount Cemetery were both replaced two years ago but were not given the additional filters because of the cost, which was estimated at hundreds of thousands of pounds.

It could mean the cost per cremation in Jersey rising by 100 to pay for the installation.

The head of Health Protection for Jersey, Steve Smith, said: "In terms of the capital costs, clearly there is a political decision to be made there.

"Then there would be an increase in the cost of individual cremations because of the necessity to include consumables within the gas cleaning stream."

Crematorium closes for repairs
04 Apr 03  |  Europe

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