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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 May, 2004, 07:56 GMT 08:56 UK
Sexual tourism increases HIV risk
HIV cells under the microscope
There are 35 people known to be living with HIV in Jersey
There is concern that a rise in sex tourism could be putting people in Jersey at risk from contracting HIV.

AIDS Care, Education and Training (ACET) Jersey, the HIV and AIDS charity, says some groups are putting themselves at serious risk.

There are 35 people known to be living with HIV in Jersey, 24 of whom have been diagnosed in the last four years.

ACET Jersey is also worried youngsters are not practising safe sex, according to its annual review.

The charity says that sexual tourism, in which small groups of men travel from Jersey to places such as Thailand to engage in sexual activity, is a source of major concern.

It was also worried that the safe sex message was failing to reach many of the island's youngsters.

ACET Jersey's annual review is published this week.

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