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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 December, 2003, 07:07 GMT
Seaweed posed 'health hazard'
The seaweed was washed ashore during a recent spring tide
Seaweed washed up on a Jersey beach has been dumped back into the sea because it posed a health hazard.

Staff from the island's Public Services department took the action after they received complaints from the public about seaweed in Grouville Bay.

Residents in Gorey complained about flies and a bad smell after large quantities of vraic seaweed were washed up on the beaches.

Workmen have now taken lorry loads of seaweed down to the low water mark to alleviate the problem.

The seaweed was washed ashore during a recent spring tide, but stayed on the beach and started to decompose.

Public Services chief executive John Richardson said the seaweed was a health hazard, with maggots hatching from eggs laid by flies on the rotting seaweed.

He said he hoped the seaweed would not get washed up again.

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