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Last Updated: Sunday, 14 December, 2003, 11:10 GMT
Dig gets under way in island
Cyril le Marquand House
Société Jersiaise is carrying out the dig at the site
An archaeological dig has started at a Jersey site to find historical artefacts.

The site of the new Magistrates Court behind Cyril Le Marquand House has been dug once before in 1973, when a 13th Century Medieval longhouse was found.

The dig is being carried out by the archaeology section of the Société Jersiaise to see if there is anything else of historical interest buried on the site.

So far they have found pieces of 17th Century pottery, walls and foundations of 18th Century buildings, a clay tobacco pipe, and the remains of a 19th Century well.

The site is being dug as weather permits until 5 January when building work for the new Magistrates Court will start.

It is expected to take two years to complete the £10m project.


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