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First Isle of Man swine flu case

Swine flu test
Anti-viral drugs are being issued to the woman's family

A woman has been confirmed as the first case of swine flu in the Isle of Man, the Public Health Directorate said.

Acting director Dr Paul Emerson said she had developed symptoms a few days after returning from a trip to one of the countries affected by the pandemic.

The woman is being treated with Tamiflu and is recovering well at home, where she has must remain for a week.

Members of her close family, including husband, are also being given the drug as a precaution, Dr Emerson added.

About a dozen island residents have been tested for the virus since the Mexico outbreak, but this is the first confirmed case.

In the Isle of Man we do have contingency plans in place for a pandemic
Dr Paul Emerson, acting director of public health

The number of confirmed cases of swine flu in the UK has now reached 909, health secretary Andy Burnham revealed on Friday.

On Thursday, the World Health Organization declared a pandemic following a sharp increase in the number of cases in Australia.

Isle of Man health officials got confirmation of the Manx case a few hours later.

Dr Emerson said: "The declaration of a pandemic does not mean that the virus has become more deadly or serious - the flu is still relatively mild with very few deaths in global terms.

"But it does send a clear signal to health officials and businesses around the world to prepare for the possibility of large numbers of people catching the virus in their areas.

"In the Isle of Man we do have contingency plans in place for a pandemic."

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