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DJ told to 'go home with mother'
Andy Kershaw outside the High Bailiff's Court
Andy Kershaw was arrested on Monday
DJ Andy Kershaw has been advised to leave the Isle of Man and go to live with his mother after he was arrested for harassing his former partner.

The 48-year-old, of Shore Road, Peel, appeared at the High Bailiff's Court in Douglas three days after being released from prison for the same offence.

He had served 44 days for harassing Juliette Banner, his children's mother.

The High Bailiff gave him a suspended sentence and urged him to return to Rochdale with his mother to recover.

His mother Eileen Kershaw, 73, told the court she would look after him at her Greater Manchester home.

I'm the hardest man on the island
Text message from Kershaw

The court heard how Kershaw had suffered "emotional meltdown" at the weekend.

Just before his release from prison, he had received a letter from his new partner, Catherine Turner, telling him their relationship was over.

The court heard that on Sunday evening he had sent three abusive text messages and three abusive voice mail messages to Miss Banner and her new partner, Glaswegian prison officer Jim Imrie.

Insp Andrew Turner, of the Manx Constabulary, said the first message called Miss Banner a coward, and urged her to call the police.

Another message said: "I'm the hardest man on the island."

Paul O'Neill, speaking for Kershaw, said: "On that Sunday he's had what he calls an 'emotional meltdown'.

"He does not remember sending those texts."

Douglas courthouse
The High Bailiff suspended a six-month jail term for two years

Kershaw had moved to the Isle of Man with Miss Banner in April 2006, but the pair split, reportedly after his partner found a text message on his phone from another woman.

They had been together 17 years and have a son and a daughter, aged 10 and nine.

The court heard Kershaw has never been able to accept their relationship was over.

High Bailiff Michael Moyle told Kershaw he "cut a miserable and pathetic figure".

"Look at you, you look awful," he said.

"I would encourage you to look at yourself long and hard.

"You must be breaking the heart of your mother and sister.

Make sure this is the last time
Eileen Kershaw

"You drink to excess and you can't accept that Mr Imrie is the man of Miss Banner's choice, not you."

He said: "On the clear understanding you will leave the Isle of Man forthwith, I'm prepared to give you one final chance.

"I'm not banning you from the island, I merely suggest you take a considerable break in the company of your family."

He agreed to suspend a six-month jail term for two years for pleading guilty to a breach of the restraining order, if Kershaw agreed to leave the Isle of Man to sort out his personal problems.

Kershaw hugged his mother outside court and said: "I have been given a really wonderful last chance, which I did not expect to get.

"I've been stupid and I'm not going to squander this opportunity."

His mother, wagging her finger at him, added: "Make sure this is the last time."

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