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Last Updated: Monday, 4 February 2008, 20:27 GMT
New data needed on child poverty
Bernard Moffatt
Mr Moffatt said the wealth is not trickling down to those who need it
The Manx government needs more up to date figures on the extent of child poverty in the Island, according to the Celtic League.

The group says more needs to be known about the problem if it is to do anything to ease it.

It says it is "dismayed" that the only data available comes from a 10 yearly survey of household income.

Figures show 14% of children were living in households earning less than 60% of the average income.

The Celtic League campaigns for the island's political, cultural and economic independence.

Bernard Moffatt from the Celtic League says that snapshot of relative poverty shows that despite the island's economic success wealth is not "trickling down" to where it is needed.

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