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Last Updated: Monday, 22 October 2007, 10:31 GMT 11:31 UK
Carers lobby for respite changes
John Sheppard (Pic: Manx Radio)
Carers are planning a court fight
Carers threatening to withdraw their labour in a row over provision in the Isle of Man have given the government longer to respond to their proposals.

Aggrieved Carers Helping Each (ACHE) want improved adult respite facilities, and are asking the government to look at other disability issues.

Carer John Sheppard, an ACHE spokesman, said they would take their proposals to the European Court of Human Rights.

He added that the Manx government had until 20 December to respond.

Concrete proposals

"Within the next seven days we will be formally instructing the solicitors who will be acting for us to put together the package to deliver to the Court of Human Rights," he said.

"We gave the government a three-month deadline which will expire on 20 December.

"Unless there are concrete proposals on the table from the government after the Christmas break, we will present the matter to the Court of Human Rights."

ACHE is calling for the government to provide one overnight stay a week and a week's holiday respite per carer.

Manx Government 'failing carers'
21 Sep 07 |  Isle of Man

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