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Land Girls' medal for war effort
Land Girls
About 200 land girls worked on farms on the island
The "Land Girls" who worked on Manx farms to help boost food production during World War II are to be awarded medals for their efforts.

The Isle of Man government said was the first in the UK honour its former members of the Women's Land Army with a special medal.

More than 200 women worked on the island's farm in place of the men away at war.

The government is trying to trace the women eligible for the medal.

They will presented at Government House in November.

'Proper recognition'

Chief Minister Donald Gelling said: "The Land Girls did a tough, vital job but they were the Cinderellas of the war effort.

"It was suggested that these ladies deserve some proper recognition at long last for their contribution, and the Council of Ministers was happy to agree.

"It's just sad that many of those who served in the Manx Women's Land Army are no longer here to see this happen."

Former members of the Manx Women's Land Army eligible for a medal are asked to contact the Chief Minister's Office.


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