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Children's charity in fund appeal
The children's centre nursery
The charity runs a number of services, including a nursery
The Isle of Man Children's Centre has launched a fundraising appeal for 500,000 to improve its services.

The charity, which was set up in 1868, provides care and support to young people and families in need.

But after a number of years operating different services across a number of sites, it now wants to partially rebuild some of its complex.

Co-ordinator Simone Rogers said the appeal was in response to the centre's development in the last 30 or 40 years.

Boxing Day opening

"We have all our services but they are very sporadic and spaced out," said Ms Rogers.

"A children's centre is somewhere where you go and it is all under one roof, so you've got your nursery, family centre and outreach services.

"At the minute we are under three or four different roofs so we want to bring it altogether and do a rebuild, which is going to cost us half a million pounds."

The charity first opened on Boxing Day 1868 as The Isle of Man Home for Orphaned and Destitute Children.

It has since developed to encompass services across the island.

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