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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 January 2006, 12:20 GMT
Island set to hold interim census
Isle of Man map
It is a statutory requirement for people to comply with the census
Isle of Man residents are to be questioned about the sizes of households and work-related issues in an interim census.

The Manx government will use the data from the census, which begins in April, in planning and policy matters.

Economic adviser Steve Carse said everybody had to return information.

The main population census takes place every 10 years - at the start of every decade - with an interim one held in the middle of that period.

Mr Carse, who heads up the Treasury's Economic Affairs Division, said: "It's a very important exercise and a statutory requirement for people to comply with the requests.

"Essentially, the aim of the census is to get aggregate data relating to household size, population levels and employment issues.

"The information is particularly useful for planning purposes, for seeing how the economy has changed in the last five years and as an input into a large number of policy issues."

Latest estimates by the government say the island's population stands at about 78,000 following a steady increase in recent years.

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