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Last Updated: Sunday, 1 January 2006, 16:36 GMT
Memorial unveiled to Manx patriot
A new memorial to Manx patriot Illiam Dhone is being unveiled on Monday.

The monument has been created by Manx Artist, Bryan Kneale, to honour the historic Manx figure who was shot in the 17th Century for treason.

The ceremony is open to all and will be taking place at Malew Church at 1100 GMT, where Dhone is buried.

Jonathon Kewley, spokesman for the friends of the church, said the monument is to be mounted on the wall with a bust of Dhone in nickel silver.

Hango Hill

He said the monument is near to where it is believed Dhone is buried.

William Christian (Illiam Dhone) was an opponent of James Stanley, Earl of Derby, who ruled as King of Mann from his seat at Castle Rushen.

Stanley was a follower of Charles I and, like him, ruled in an ever more autocratic manner, according to the Manx Museum.

Dhone, commander of the island's militia, grew concerned about the loss of traditional rights and when the English Parliament sent a fleet to the island he seized his opportunity, and negotiated its surrender in exchange for guarantees of these rights.

Upon the restoration of Stanley rule under Charles II, Christian, a hero to the Manx but a traitor to the Stanleys, was executed at Hango Hill, near Castletown.

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