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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 December 2005, 16:53 GMT
Final demolition phase date set
Summerland (picture courtesy of Manxscenes.com)
The government has said that the Summerland site is dangerous
The final phase in the demolition of the former Summerland entertainment complex on the Isle of Man will begin early in the new year.

Machines will be brought in to complete the work, meaning King Edward Road will be closed from 19 January to 3 March.

It will be completely closed for one month from 20 January. Alternative routes will be signposted.

Tynwald voted for the demolition of the Douglas site in July, as it was deemed to be dangerous and an eyesore.

Future use

Minister for the Department of Tourism and Leisure David Cretney said: "I am sure that everyone is looking forward to the disappearance of the eyesore that has blighted the north end of the promenade over recent years."

More than 50 people died in a fire on the site 32 years ago.

The Summerland disaster led to a major change in fire regulations on the Isle of Man and in the UK.

Summerland is on the site of a former villa which was converted into a theatre and ballroom in 1877.

The site's future use has yet to be decided.

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