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Last Updated: Friday, 2 December 2005, 16:27 GMT
Gas price rises 'are staggering'
Manx Gas has said rising natural gas prices on the Isle of Man are out of its control.

Customers in Douglas were told on Thursday that prices would rise from between 10% and 18%, depending on the tariff used.

Alan Bates, of Manx Gas, said prices were in the control of speculators and suppliers in the UK.

He said the price rises were "staggering" and the firm would try to stockpile in a bid to control prices.

"As much as Manx Gas would like to control the problem in the UK they can't," said Mr Bates.

"We're as frustrated at the staggering increase as anyone else.

"We've looked at lots of methods of buying forward and to control the problem but it's very difficult in the market at the moment."

Inquiry into island energy prices
01 Dec 05 |  Isle of Man

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