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Last Updated: Monday, 26 September 2005, 06:41 GMT 07:41 UK
Island to bid governor farewell
Air Marshal Ian Macfadyen
Air Marshal Ian Macfadyen is patron of many societies
The Lieutenant Governor is set to leave the Isle of Man after five years as the Queen's representative on the island.

Air Marshal Ian Macfadyen OBE, who officially relinquishes his post on Tuesday, said there had been many highlights during his term of office.

They include 11 royal visits, the Island Games and the Gordon Bennett motorcar trial.

He said: "In this particular job you do have an opportunity to see things which you would never otherwise see in life."

The Isle of Man Government said he had taken a considerable interest in the development and encouragement of young people on the island.

He is chairman of the Prince's Trust and also of the Golden Jubilee Trust, which aims to promote better citizenship on the Isle of Man.

Both he and his wife, Sally, are patrons of more than 100 societies and organisations on the island.

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