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States of Guernsey spends 29m more in 2009

Charles Parkinson
Deputy Parkinson said there was not enough self discipline in the States

The States of Guernsey spent £29m more in 2009 than the year before and was £14m over budget, it was revealed as the audited accounts were released.

All but three government departments and committees spent more than in 2008 and more than their original budgets.

Treasury and Resources Minister Charles Parkinson said continued spending increases were unsustainable.

He said although this year was balanced by an unexpected revenue increase, it was worrying for the future.

Deputy Parkinson said there had been an unexpected £21m increase in the States' income of £341m, but much of this extra money would not come in again this year so could not be relied on to balance the books again.

States spending in 2009 compared to 2008
Policy Council £1.5m up
Treasury and Resources £778,000 up
Commerce and Employment £655,000 up
Culture and Leisure £366,000 up
Education £4.25m up
Environment £299,000 up
Health and Social Services £13m up
Home £1.9m up
Housing £130,000 down
Public Services £2m up
Social Security £3.5m up
Public Accounts Committee £189,000 up
Scrutiny Committee £7,000 down
Assembly and Constitution Committee £41,000 down
Court and Law Officers £52,000 up

Deputy Parkinson said: "Worryingly, the unexpected tax take was mostly tax paid by companies, some of which would be non-recurring as it relates to years before 2008.

"We have a recurring increase in expenditure and some non-recurring increase in revenue, which worries me greatly for next year."

The increases came despite a government policy of real-terms spending freezes.

Deputy Parkinson said: "As a States as a whole we need to exercise more discipline, we're trying to introduce more discipline through the States Strategic Plan process and through the fundamental spending review process to drive out any inefficiencies we can identify.

"In the end we want to move to zero-based budgeting so every department will have to justify all of its expenditure every year, but we're a long way from there, this is very much a work in progress and we have to get this under control."

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