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Guernsey mephedrone ban 'only weeks away'

Hunter Adam
Deputy Adam said the long-term effect of the drug was unknown

Guernsey's Health and Social Service minister says the drug mephedrone could be banned in Guernsey within the next couple of weeks.

The import and export of the substance for commercial and personal use was made illegal in November.

Deputy Hunter Adam said something needed to be done to protect addicts and their families.

He said: "We do not know what the long-term effects are on the individual and that to me is the danger."

Deputy Adam said: "There is evidence to suggest that it has been related to several deaths and there are a lot of families which have been destroyed because of the effect on their sons and daughters of this drug when mephedrone was easily available.

"There's always a slight risk in banning a substance, but one has to balance out the risk of banning and reducing the ease of availability.

"Maybe it was far too easily available early on if the individual became addicted to it, if they're craving for it, therefore needing to have it.

"At least if it's banned it's less easily available, therefore we may have a chance of reducing people starting on the drug in the first place."

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