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Guernsey pubs may be able to serve litres

Alcoholic drinks
Serving drinks in metric quantities forms part of the consultation

Pubs in Guernsey could be able to sell litres of beer under plans being looked at in a consultation by the Commerce and Employment Department.

Current regulations mean only certain quantities of some food and drink can be sold by shops.

Commerce and Employment said the EU had deregulated many of those goods and if the island did not follow suit it could make trade difficult.

It said it was asking shops and consumers about other related issues.

'Value for money'

Bryan Guilbert, Guernsey's Chief Trading Standards Officer, said: "One of the questions we're asking about is whether it's appropriate for Guernsey to introduce something called unit pricings.

"Where on the shelf label in the supermarket it will give you the price per 100g or per litre or whatever it might be for the products.

"That will them allow you, irrespective of the size of the pack, to gain a good idea as to whether the smaller pack is the right value for money as against the larger pack."

Food that can currently only be sold in certain quantities include milk, butter, dried pasta, coffee and white sugar.

For example pre-packed bread can only be sold in 400g or 800g loaves, or in quantities less than 300g.

The consultation asks whether Guernsey should retain prescribed quantities for alcohol on licensed premises, if they should be allowed to sell drinks in metric measurements and if they should be restricted to selling either imperial or metric quantities.

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